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Dreams Shisha Hookah-Head

Dreams Shisha Hookah-Head

Dreams HMD + Oblako bowl, made in Russia, ceramic, head, 5-hole, various colours, killer, + dreams gloves

The Dreams HMD in the complete set is as the name says: A dream handmade in the canton of Zurich - Switzerland.

Due to its unique system and construction, the advantages cannot be denied:

- Charcoal can no longer burn the carpet or the couch, as it lies in the closed system
and therefore cannot fall out

- with only 2 commercially available coals (25mm, 26mm or 27mm are recommended), you can smoke for up to 2.5 hours without changing coals
smoke for up to 2.5 hours

- you need approx. 25 - 30% less tobacco, and yet you can smoke for such a long time

- Over the course of the year, the Dreams saves on charcoal and tobacco consumption.

- Since the Dreams HMD is firmly connected to the head with its 3 clamps -Oblako Phunnel or Killer Bowl have proven to be the best here
but similar heads are also possible here - the hookah can also wobble sometimes, the Dreams sits firmly.

- You start a smoking session and then suddenly you have to leave to do something and come back after 20 minutes?
No problem, just keep smoking - the coals are still good and the head is still running.

The set includes (see picture)
- Dreams HMD
- Oblako Killer Bowl incl. rubber-natural "head gasket
- Gloves to operate the HMD

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